Paragliding - A Fascinating Aerosport

Want to fly like a free bird and soar high up in the sky? Then paragliding is what you can experience. Welcome to world of paragliding in Sikkim and experience the dream of flying like a bird.


Sikkim –Experience the Best Paragliding in India
This adventure sports is slowly becoming very common in India though its origin can be traced back to 1940s. If you want to get up close with nature, then paragliding can be a wonderful way to do so. Paragliding in Sikkim offers an experience that is worth cherishing for a lifetime. Come to Sikkim, explore and experience the best paragliding in India!


Why Come to Sikkim?
Sikkim is a small state located in northeast India and a famous tourist attraction. Sikkim is slowly emerging as a popular paragliding destination in India among the paragliding spots in India and it is visited by adventure seekers from all across the world. It is the home to excellent launching ridges and sites and a place you surely must visit if you want to have the best paragliding experience in the country. The scenic view of the Himalayas and the tiny villages from the top is simply breathtaking.